Sealed or sealless whitepaper cover
Sealed or Sealless Pumps?

Choosing which type of pump to use can be a daunting process given the variety of pumping technologies in today's market. Careful examination of the all factors involved can help you make the right choice. The primary consideration must be the pumping application. In this article, we will focus on the differences between traditional "sealed" pumps and so called "sealless" pumps.

Warning: the next downpour could cripple your mine whitepaper cover image
Warning: The Next Downpour Could Cripple Your Mine

Some of the biggest names in the Australian mining industry have been affected by heavy rainfall in recent years, including BHP and OZ Minerals, who announced a massive 20% cut in profits as a direct result of flooding.

This free guide outlines some of the biggest consequences of mine flooding and the importance of dewatering, as well as some of the most efficient pumping products available to help improve dewatering management.