Global Pumps x Beerenberg

Matt Noske, Site Operations Manager from Beerenberg in Hahndorf, explains how Global Pumps played an integral part in the farm’s expansion.

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(0:01) Matt Noske, from Beerenberg, talks about using Global Pumps for his business.

(0:07) We've been with them now for about 18 months.

(0:10) When we built the new plant here at Handle to move to the next level, we wanted to be able to double the production throughput for us.

(0:20) To do that, we needed to make sure we're dealing with quality products.

(0:23) In running the plant, we went from running just your normal commercial pumps and led to an industrial size pump.

(0:31) We've obviously chosen Global through a selection of pump supplies.

(0:36) We looked at both things.

(0:37)Price and service services been their number one key for us.

(0:42) We love to have a relationship with the company that we're dealing with.

(0:46) It's important to be able to understand who's on the other side of the phone.

(0:52) We had a couple of issues that we were trying to rectify and Global Pumps were up here really quickly.

(01:00) They've rectified the issue and we basically had no downtime whatsoever.

(01:06) Global Pumps been able to cope with all of the specifications in regards to a new plant.

(01:12) So we're pretty happy with what we've built and with the increased production, we've had no issues.

(01:19) Global Pumps would be a supplier of choice for us.

(01:24) We've worked closely with them and we're very happy with the way that they supply their pumps and the effectiveness of their pumps.

(01:34) Beerenberg would love to continue the relationship with Global pumps.

Ph: 1300 145 622

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