Techniflo Mag Drive Pumps

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Drum Pumps are a portable pump option, ideal for intermittent operation. These pumps are ultramodern, incorporating design features to keep operation simple, reliable and effective. They are suitable for transferring thin to low viscous, neutral or corrosive liquids.

Features of the Techniflo Drum Pump range:

  • metallic and non-metallic versions
  • flows up to 200 L/min
  • electric, pneumatic and hand operated models
  • lightweight and safe
  • available in 240 V



Techniflo Magnetic Drive Pumps are a leak free centrifugal pump, suitable for any corrosive or hazardous chemical including dirty, aggressive, solids laden liquids. The pump liquid is hermetically sealed from the drive end and the driving power is transmitted via magnetic force, using powerful synchronous magnetics (magnetic coupling).

Features of the Techniflo Magnetic Drive Pump includes:

  • Non-metallic wetted parts - outstanding corrosion resistance
  • Non seals (seal less) - zero leakage
  • Heavy duty construction, able to handle contaminated liquids and solids
  • Long or close coupled pumps
  • Flows up to 300 m3/hr, heads up to 100 m
  • Pressures to 20.6 bar
  • Temperatures to 120oC
  • Dry run prevention
Hand-Operated Drum Pumps

The hand operated drum pumps are available in two varieties: TP-02, TP-03, TP-04, TP-05, TP-07.

TP-02 is suitable for pumping liquids as mentioned at TP-03, plus water-based chemicals and alkalies. It is constructed in polypropylene, with a Stainless Steel 316 shaft. Seals are available in viton.

TP-03 is suitable for oils, diesels, alcohol up to a maximum of 50%, anti-freezing liquid, water and more. It is constructed in polypropylene, with a steel shaft and NBR/Buna seal. Depending on the mounting of the hand level, the flow rate varies from 0,3 0,37 or 0,45 L/stroke.

TP-04 hand operated drum pumps are suitable for almost all fluid liquids. The ergonomically designed handle and polypropylene pump body guarantees reliable and fast filling of smaller quantities. Seals are constructed in viton.

TP-05 stainless steel hand operated pumps are suitable for flammable media like solvents as well as acetone. This hand operated drum pump achieves a flow rate of 0,3-0,6 L/stroke.

TP-07 hand operated drum pumps are constructed in polypropylene with a range of seal options available. These drum pumps achieve flow rates of 20 L/min and are suitable for 20L - 205 L containers (44 gallon).

Electric-Driven Drum Pumps
Techniflo Drum Pumps - Electric Motor

Techniflo Drum Pumps extend to those with electric motors and include a wide variety of options depending on your application. The entire range of electric motor drum pumps available from Global Pumps come standard with the following features:

  • flow rate up to 112 L/min
  • head up to 37 m
  • can handle viscosity up to 1000 max
  • suitable for light acids and alkalis
  • protection class IP 24
  • double insulated category II
  • overload protection switches with low voltage release
Electric-Driven, ATEX/Flame Proof Drum Pump
Techniflo Drum Pump - Flame proof/ATEX - Electric

Global Pumps’ range of Techniflo Drum Pumps offer a flame proof/ATEX electric motor suitable for highly flammable and corrosive chemicals. Features of this flameproof/ATEX drum pump include:

  • flow rate up to 112 L/min
  • head up to 16 m
  • viscosity up to 1000 max
  • EX protected pump, suitable for flammable liquids
  • EC-type examination certificates 17 ATEX 1 088 X and IECEx EPS 17.0045 X
  • double insulated protection Class II
  • on/off and overload protection switch
Air-Driven Drum Pumps
Techniflo Drum Pumps - Air Operated Motors

Techniflo Drum Pumps are also available with air operated motors. Suitable for a variety of applications, these air powered drum pumps offer the following unique features:

  • flows up to 91 L/min
  • head up to 13 m
  • aluminium housing
  • compressed air motor with ball valve for compressed air control regulates the motor speed and varies the pumping capacity
  • EC Type Examination
  • no. IBEX U05 ATEX B007 X
Drum Pump Tube Types
Drum Pump Tube Types

When selecting the right Drum Pump, it is crucial you select the correct components, like the pump tubes. Each pump tube is interchangeable with any air or electric motor, and suitable for many thin liquids to viscous, neutral, slightly aggressive and flammable media.

Global Pumps offers the following Drum Pump tube types:

  • polypropylene
  • PVDF
  • stainless steel (316Ti)
Techniflo TB Series Centrifugal Pumps
Techniflo TB Series Centrifugal Pumps

The Techniflo range of centrifugal pumps are non-metallic, sealless magnetic drive pumps. These pumps have no mechanical seals or packed glands; therefore liquids are sealed and the pump is “leak free”.

The TB Series offers a heavy duty ductile casing with bonded PTFE or PFA lining - as well as an open impeller for optimum NPSHr and efficiency. Features of the Global Pumps TB Series magnetic drive centrifugal pump include:

  • flows up to 300 m³/hr
  • heads up to 100 m
  • liquid SG up to 2.5
  • fluid temperatures from -70 °C to 121 °C
  • system pressures up to 20.7 bar (300 psi)

For a smaller version of the TB Series, the Techniflo U-Mag Series Centrifugal Pump offers the exact same materials of construction but is designed for smaller and more refined applications.

Features of the U-Mag series include:

  • flows to 102 m³/hr
  • heads to 50 m
  • low NPSH
Techniflo PW-C Series Centrifugal Pump
Techniflo PW-C Series Centrifugal Pump

The PW-C Series Centrifugal Pump by Techniflo offers a heavy-duty cast-iron casing with moulded EFTE liner for extreme chemical resistance. Technical features of the PW-C Centrifugal pump range include:

  • flows up to 1500 L/min
  • heads up to 44 m
  • liquid SG up to 1.9
  • liquid temperatures up to 90 °C

These centrifugal pumps are suitable for the following applications: PCB machines, electroplating solutions, fume scrubbers, salt & brine recirculation, CIP cleaning systems, bulk tank unloading.

Techniflo PW-N Series - Self-Priming Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pump
Techniflo PW-N Series - Self Priming Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pump

The Techniflo PW-N series are constructed in heavy duty reinforced polypropylene construction. These centrifugal pumps have an advanced design, with a gas and water separation chamber. They can achieve a max flow rate of 510 L/min and a max suction lift of 4 m.

Techniflo PX & PS Series - Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pump
Techniflo PX & PS Series - Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pump

The PX & PS series are available in polypropylene and ETFE wet ends, as well as closed-coupled motors. They can achieve a max flow up to 120 L/min, heads up to 20 m and handle liquid SG up to 1.8. These centrifugal pumps are commonly found in the following applications: etching machines, laboratory applications, fume scrubbers, sampling analysers, filtration equipment and circulation systems.


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TECHNIFLO Pumps are non-metallic, sealless magnetic drive centrifugal pumps. Techniflo mag drive pumps have no mechanical seals or packed glands. The pump liquid is hermetically sealed from the drive end and the driving power is transmitted via magnetic force using powerful synchronous magnets (magnetic coupling).
All of the wetted parts in a Techniflo magdrive pump are made of engineered plastics and high grade ceramics meaning they are a corrosion resistant pump.
‘Non-metallic’ mean 'Outstanding Corrosion Resistance'.
‘Sealless Magnetic Drive’ meaning 'Zero Leakage'.

Leading Edge Technology

Techniflo is the product of over 20 years experience in Non-Metallic centrifugal pump design, featuring state-of-the-art technology and advanced manufacturing procedures.

Designed for the worst

Designed for extended use in the most difficult duties. Techniflo pumps can be used with confidence on a full range of extremely corrosive, hazardous. toxic, explosive and dangerous chemicals.

Proven Performance, Quality & Reliability

Manufactured to the highest standards with a premium on Quality Control, every Techniflo mag drive centrifugal pump is factory tested to verify operational performance. Years of extended service in numerous installations are a testimony to the exceptional quality and reliability of Techniflo.

Rewards and Benefits

With the interests of every pump user in mind. Techniflo delivers a number of significant rewards and benefits

  • Exceptional quality and economic prices
  • Low operational and total lifetime costs
  • Reduced downtime and increased production
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Operator confidence
  • Environmental protection
  • Zero emissions

Techniflo Magnetic Drive pumps and spares are readily available throughout Australia and New Zealand.

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