Sealtek Pipe Repair Bandage

Pipe Repair in under 30mins

Sealtek pipe repair is a pipe repair system consisting of a wrap (bandage) and a polymer bar (food grade) that can be applied to a leaky pipe to stop leaks within 30 minutes. No costly downtime for pipe replacement. After curing for 30 minutes, the repair can withstand pressures to 400psi and temperatures to 200°C. Not only classified safe for foods, but also resistant to a large array of chemicals, and available in sizes to suit your pipe.

Features of the Sealtek Pipe Repair:
  • Pressures up to 400psi
  • Full mechanical cure in 30 minutes
  • Resistant to a large range of chemicals
  • Temperatures to above 200 C
  • Available in a range of sizes to suit your pipe size

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