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Are you looking to purchase an Eccentric Worm Drive Pump for your business? Global Pumps are based in Australia and are a local supplier to the food industry of Eccentric Worm Drive Pumps. We offer a rapid delivery service, often shipping pumps out on the same day you place an order. 

Eccentric worm pumps are ideal for pumping fluids which are thin through to high viscosity. These positive displacement pumps operate at a consistent level of pressure and with low turbulence, giving a pulsation-free and gentle pumping operation. They are the perfect choice for food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. The pumps can be utilised for both stationary and mobile applications, and due to the low amount of components which are used, they are very simple to disassemble.

Global Pumps are a leading local supplier of Eccentric Worm Drive Pumps for the food industry. We hold our stock in Australia, and we have a range of different options to suit all requirements. Offering a broad selection of Eccentric Worm Drive Pumps from the world’s leading pump manufacturers. 

Case Study: Pumping Lime Putty from an IBC with Eccentric Screw Drum Pump

Global Pumps was established in 1977, after the need for a versatile and customer service oriented industrial pumps supplier in the market was identified. More than 35 years on, the team at Global Pumps continues to grow and develop new ways in which to effectively fulfil this mission statement.

Global Pumps: Australia's Trusted Eccentric Worm Drive Pumps Supplier


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