Drum Pumps for Solvents

Electric, Pneumatic and Hand Operated Pumps suitable for Flammable Liquids

Pumps for Safe Transfer of Solvents


Global Pumps has a range of drum pumps for solvents available. This includes hand operated, electric and air operated drum pumps. The drum pumps will need to be flame proof or have ATEX approval. All our drum pumps can come with a grounding wire.

The drum pumps are easy to use. You simply put the tube into the top of the drum or barrel and you can start decanting or transfer the solvent.

Safety first: There is no need to tip or pivot a heavy drum to get the solvent removed.

The Techniflo drum pumps are all made of 316 stainless steel and Teflon or PTFE seals. 

Global Pumps was established in 1977, after the need for a versatile and customer service oriented pumps supplier in the market was identified. More than 35 years on, the team at Global Pumps continues to grow and develop new ways in which to effectively fulfil this mission statement.

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