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Reliable chemical pumping - Global Pumps & Ixom.

Discover the reliable chemical pumping solutions provided by Global Pumps for Ixom's operations in Port Adelaide.


(0:04) Pumps.

(0:05) Everything is pumped.

(0:06) Everything on this side is pumped.

(0:07) Reliability is the biggest thing.

(0:09) If I have a shutdown, it costs me money costs everybody money.

(0:12) Customers get upset when it comes down to price.

(0:15) And then you're looking at the prices reliability of the pump.

(0:19) And that's the thing that got us.

(0:20) We put it in just to get us out of the dilemma we're in.

(0:25) It's lasted ever since.

It's still going. So there you go.

(0:28) Have a good day.

Ixom on Global Pumps Customer Service


(0:04) It comes down to service.

(0:05) So basically, I've had issues.

(0:07) Any issues I've had, bang.

(0:09) Danny has taken a way to fix them, and that's what you want.

(0:12) So no matter what the price of the pump is, to get service like that.

(0:16) Yeah.

(0:16) Unbelievable.

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