Rotary lobe pump with rubber rotors packo
rotary lobe pumps ZW packo
Rotary lobe pump with rubber rotors packo
rotary lobe pumps ZW packo

Packo Rotary Lobe Pumps ZW

The ZW series Packo pumps use standard rubber heli-lobe rotors designed to handle liquids with small particles like grape skins, seeds and stems. The soft rubber rotors prevent damage and ensure high efficiency. These pumps are ideal for transferring wine, juice, pomace and similar liquids.

Features of the Global Pumps range of Packo rotary lobe pumps include:

  • certificates: FDA, EX, EAC
  • sealing options: Choose from various sealing arrangements and materials, including single, double, and triple lip seals
  • front loaded single mechanical seals
  • added features: stainless steel trolley and the option for a built-in frequency converter
  • max. flow rate: 50 m3/hr
  • max. viscosity: 1,000,000 cP
  • max. differential pressure: 8 bar
  • max. temperature: 120 ºC


While operating similarly to standard models, this lobe pump sets itself apart with highly polished internals. The polished surfaces not only contribute to efficient operation but also make cleaning easy—a critical factor for preventing bacterial contamination in sensitive applications.

Moreover, lobe pumps excel in handling products gently, making them ideal for shear-sensitive materials. With strong self-priming capabilities ensuring efficient start-up, they are a reliable choice for applications that require precise flow control.

In summary, lobe pumps offer a simple yet effective solution for hygienic and efficient fluid transfer.


The Packo ZW series pumps, featuring standard rubber heli-lobe rotors, are tailored for pumping liquids with small particles like grape skins, seeds, and stems.

Thanks to their soft rubber rotors, there's no risk of rotor damage or galling. Plus, the close clearance between these soft rubber rotors and the rotor case delivers top-notch efficiency and minimises any product handling issues.

For a range of applications, from wine and juice to pomace, Packo rotary lobe ZW pumps are your go-to solution, combining practicality and performance with ease.


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What applications are the Packo rotary lobe pumps series ZW used in?

The Packo ZW series pumps, featuring standard rubber Heli-lobe rotors, are tailored for pumping liquids with small particles like grape skins, seeds and stems. They are the ideal solution for gentle pumping of low to high viscous liquids. 

Can you provide the complete turnkey package?

Our engineering team is well-equipped to assist in designing and sourcing the majority of additional components required for your project.

What ensures the hygiene of these pumps?

The cleanliness of a pump is linked to the surface finish of its internal components. The more finely polished these internals are, the fewer hiding places there are for bacteria.

What standards do Packo products adhere to?

Packo products have EHEDG, 3-A, and FDA approvals.

Can I request different connections?

Certainly, we can provide a variety of flanges and connections.

I'm operating in a hazardous environment; can this pump be used?

Yes, we can supply an Ex-rated motor for your application.

Where do you deliver and what is your estimated shipping times?

Global Pumps provide speedy delivery straight to your site, no matter where you are located in Australia.

Locations Shipping time range
Melbourne 1-2 days
Sydney 2-3 days
Brisbane 2-4 days
Perth 2-4 days
Adelaide 1 day
Kalgoorlie 3-5 days
Mt Isa 3-5 days


Global Pumps offers a wide range of Packo rotary lobe pumps with rubber rotors for a variety of applications.


  1. Easy maintenance: Our pumps are designed for minimal maintenance with their simple front-loaded seals.

  2. Flexible installation: You can set them up either horizontally or vertically.

  3. Efficient and gentle: The snug fit between soft rubber rotors and the rotor case ensures efficiency without damaging your product.

Technical specifications:

Materials wetted parts stainless steel 316L and EPDM
Seal configuration single, doubled, triple lip seal
Available material O-ring EPDM
Connections sanitary and industrial fittings
Mounting position horizontal and vertical
Surface finish food quality, internal welds hand polished to 0.6 μm

Pump capacities:

Type Litre/revolution Max pressure Connections (mm) Max rpm
ZW/120 0.31 6 50 800
ZW/340 1.63 8 100 600


Not sure? Check out our range of pumps for the food and beverage industry or contact us if you need any help.

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