Helical Rotor Pumps


Progressive Cavity Pumps

Global Pumps offers a complete range of helical rotor pumps, from dewatering / sludge pumping applications to gentle food and beverage transfer.

  • Flows up to 200 m3/hr
  • Special materials available
  • Pressures to 20 bar
  • Close coupled and bare shaft versions
  • Low shear - ideal for polymers
  • Stocked in Australia

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A helical rotor pump is also known as a progressive cavity pump. Its main function is transferring fluids by progressive means through a pump that has a sequence of a fixed shape, small, discrete cavities, as its rotor turns. In general helical rotor pumps are involved in pumping of viscous materials and fluid metering. The pumps have metallic rotors that rotate inside a helical stator that is elastic in nature. These stators come in many materials such as nitrile, viton, EPDM and natrual rubber. The rotor is made from steel that has been extremely hardened. Other materials of rotors are also available such as hard chrome plated. The stator is an abrasion resistant, injection moulded elastomer. The stator is designed to be able to be compatible with the pumped liquid.

It can be used for chemical processing, resins and adhesive, industrial wastewater and dewatering. The advantages of using helical rotor pumps are many. They are

  • having your product preserving its integrity
  • high efficiency
  • pressure stability that is excellent
  • very accurate volumetric
  • reversible flow direction
  • a user friendly design
  • Valve less operation
  • The ability to convey multiphase fluids
  • Self priming
  • Constant non pulsating flow.
  • Efficient handling of abrasive and highly viscous fluids.

The progressive cavity pump /helical rotor pumps have been designed to convey shear-sensitive, frothing, abrasive, heterogeneous and viscous liquids. You will need a long pump if you require a bigger head. This will ensure that the pressure inside the pump is controlled. During this process, the fluid is carried by the chamber that axially progresses from the suction to the discharging port of the pump.

Helical Rotor Pump Brands:
  • Mono
  • Netzsch
  • Roto
  • Seepex


  • Paper Industry
  • Sugar Industry
  • Agriculture Industry
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Paint, Varnish & Ink Industry
  • Mining Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Explosive Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Wine Industry
  • Ceramic Industry
  • Marine Industry                                  
  • Waste Water Treatement Industry
  • Pharma Industry
  • Fertilliser Industry
  • Steel Industry
  • and more


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