Pumps for mining

This infographic shows the many types of mining that uses pumps supplied by Global Pumps, Australia and New Zealand’s leading supplier of pumps to the mining industry.

Additionally, the different types of mining applications, common to many different sectors within the mining industry, are shown. Each of these use cases has a corresponding pump or pumps that can be supplied by Global Pumps.

Finally the image delves deeper into mining by showing examples of pumps from some of the various pump categories that are supplied by Global Pumps to the mining industry and some of the applications in which they are typically used. From submersible pumps used for dewatering, to pumps used in process procedures.

No matter what type of application you have and whether you need one pump or one hundred, Global Pumps has a pump to fit your needs. Contact us today and let our team of expert pump specialists help you  determine the right pump for your pumping requirements.


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