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08 August 2016

Where To Buy Plastic And Aluminium Diaphragm Pumps In Australia?

Global Pumps offers a complete range of plastic and aluminium diaphragm pumps.

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Plastic and aluminium diaphragm pumps product page


Global Pumps, a major provider for reliable plastic and aluminium diaphragm pumps, is an Australian based company founded in 1977 to fulfil the need for a versatile and service oriented specialist supplier, sourcing pumps and pumping systems from around the globe. Global Pumps deliver complete solutions for customers located throughout Australia, including a technical service division that performs onsite installations and servicing.

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Pumping a viscous liquid with an air operated diaphragm pump means you will get a reduced performance from your pump specifications. There are facters that will come into play.

Some of the air operated diaphragm pump brands are:

Verderair air operated diaphragm pumps, Verder has almost 50 years of experience with applications for pumps. The Verderair pumps come with a 5 year warranty and have a rugged construction.

Signpost.pngGlobal Pumps have wide range of Pumps, which are suitable for Paint, Printing and Packaging industries.