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10 May 2016

What Pump Do I Use With Gentle Pumping For Shear Sensitive Products?

A peristaltic pump, used at low speeds.

Verderflex peristaltic hose pumps are a positive displacement pump which are capable for pumping of shear sensitive liquids.

We do also offer a range of other pumps capable of pumping thick viscous liquids. 

Global Pumps (formerly All Pumps Supplies), a major provider for industrial pumps, is an Australian based company founded in 1977 to fulfil the need for a versatile and service oriented specialist supplier, sourcing pumps and pumping systems from around the globe. Global Pumps deliver complete solutions for customers located throughout Australia, including a technical service division that performs onsite installations and servicing.

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The short answer is 'Yes'.

Global Pumps has branch office just outside of Melbourne which services the VIC area for peristaltic pumps. The team at Global Pumps are very willing to help.

Somewhat, If the motor and pump are running backwards, the pump can often still move water, and the water will flow the normal direction through the pump but you will get up to 30% of the designed flow. (this does depend on the application)

You can buy Peristaltic Hose Pumps from Global Pumps.