Q. Do you manufacture your own products?

A. We import, distribute, manufacture and assemble pump packages.

Q. What Quality Assurance procedure do you comply with?

A. We comply with AS9001:2008 and have regular 3rd party audits.

Q. What industries do you serve?

A. Mining, oil and gas, municipal, industrial, chemical, wine and beverage, food processing, packaging, paint and printing.

Q. What brands do you sell?

A. We supply most globally recognised brands, and are not limited to any specific brand. We focus on providing the most advanced products available on the global market.

Q. What types of products do you sell?

A. We sell pumps, pumping equipment and controls. We also design and deliver packaged pump stations for sewerage and waste water, stormwater treatment devices, water pressure systems and fire pump sets.


Q. Placing an order?

A. We make your order placement as easy as possible. You can simply email or phone the sales department.

Q. Payment?

A. Payment can be made in a variety of ways such as credit card, cheque, cash and Direct deposit.

Q. Delivery of an order?

A. The delivery of your order can be arranged through our carrier TNT, however if you have your own preferred carrier we can arrange for them to pick up on your behalf.

Q. Installation?

A. The service department are happy to provide assistance in the installation of your new product.

Q. Service and Maintenance?

A. We have a large pump servicing facility for all your pump servicing requirements..

Q. Warranty claims?

A. For any warranty claims,please contact the sales department who will be happy to assist with any premature failures of your product.

Q. Are you an Australian owned and operated company?

A. Yes, we are locally owned and operated meaning that our clients in Australia are serviced quickly.


Q. Do you sell direct to the public?

A. Global Pumps welcomes the general public.

Q. Do you sell wholesale?

A. Yes, Global Pumps has a range of products for the wholesale sales.

Q. Your website doesn’t list any prices, why?

A. Global Pumps has access to a huge range of products and will accurately assess your application and source the best possible solution without being limited by standard box products.

Q. Do you provide quotes and How long are they valid for?

A. Yes, Global Pumps will provide you with a quotation. The quotes provided are generally valid for 30 days.


Q. How can I place an order?

A. You can phone, fax or email through your purchase order.

Q. Can I enter a different address for billing and delivery?

A. Yes, many of our clients have a different delivery address to their billing address. E.g. PO Boxes.

Q. What will happen after my order has been placed?

A. Once you have placed your order, you will be sent an order acknowledgement via email. We will then endeavour to supply promptly and/or as quoted.

Q. How can I track the status of my order?

A. The best way to track your order is to give us a call or send an email.

Q. Can I change my order?

A. Yes you may change your order, however, each situation may be different so please give us a call as soon as possible.

Q. Can I cancel my order?

A. Yes, you can cancel your order, however, a restocking fee may be applied depending on the stage of the order.

Q. How much will delivery cost?

A. Delivery charges can vary depending on the product/s purchased and your location, please check with our sales team at any time.


Q. What are the payment terms?

A. For account customers, our standard payment terms are 30 days from the End of month. For cash sale orders, payment will be required upon ordering.

Q. What payment types are available?

A. We accept cash, cheque, EFT and credit card (VISA or master card).

Q. What currencies do you accept?

A. We accept AUD, and USD. Any other currency can be discussed at the time of ordering

Q. How will I receive my invoice?

A. Your invoice can be emailed, faxed or posted.

Q. Do you accept credit cards?

A. Yes, we accept VISA and Master cards.


Q. Are there different delivery options available?

A. Yes, Global Pumps can arrange freight or we can offer FOB your courier. We also offer a mission critical service for extremely urgent requirements (usually same day).

Q. How long will it take for an order to arrive for Pumps?

A. This depends on the type of pump ordered. You will be notified of the delivery lead time at the time of the order.

Q. How long will it take for an order to arrive for Spare parts?

A. Global pumps holds a large range of spare parts on the shelf, however, please confirm the delivery at the time of the order.

Q. Are there any restrictions on where orders can be delivered to?

A. There are no restrictions as to where orders can be delivered.


Q. Do your products come with manuals?

A. Yes, all products supplied come with manuals. Extra copies can also be supplied upon request.

Q. Do your products come with installation instructions?

A. Yes, all products supplied come with installation instructions. Extra copies can also be supplied upon request.

Q. Do you provide training for any of your products?

A. Yes, Global Pumps can provide training to all products upon request.

Q. Do you supply spare parts for the products you sell?

A. Yes, Global Pumps supplies the full range of spare parts for all products supplied.


Q. Do you share customer details with third parties or partners?

A. No, Global Pumps treats all customer details as confidential and will not share with any other party.


Q. What is your business doing with regards to the water use?

A. For testing our pumps, we use rain water and recycled water. We have a new eco friendly garden with drought-tolerant plants. Dual flush toilets are fitted in every bathroom and pipe leaks are fixed immediately.


Q. How often should routine service and maintenance be performed?

A. Your new product will be supplied with an Installation & Maintenance manual which will include information on service routines.

Q. Do your products adhere to any recognised standards or State/Federal legislative requirements?

A. Global Pumps is accredited to IOS:9001:2008 standard

Q. Are your products tested prior to be shipped?

A. Most products are quality checked at time of manufacturer.

Q. Are your products covered by warranty?

A. All products are supplied with a minimum of 12 months warranty which covers faulty parts and workmanship.

Q. Do you offer extended warranties for your products?

A. Extended warranty is available on request.

Q. How do I make a warranty claim?

A. For any warranty claims, please contact the sales department who will be happy to assist with any premature failures of your product.