Expanding air causes condensation to freeze


One major cause of air-operated double diaphragm (AODD) pump failure is due to freezing caused by rapid expansion of the compressed inside the pump Air Valve. Air supply used to drive the pump is relatively humid and this temperature change can cause the water droplets in the air to freeze and cause ice buildup, blocking the small tubes and leading to pump failure.

Verderair’s AODD pumps incorporate an anti-icing feature into their air valves that ameliorates this type of failure. The air valve is always filled with “warm” compressed air while the low pressure “cold” air, where freezing water vapor can occur, passes from the air side of the diaphragm into a large channel and immediately exhausted.

As the diameter of this channel is large compared to the small openings in the air-valve, it is not prone to ice accumulation.

In some instances as this air exits through the muffler, ice crystals can form within the muffler. To combat this, Verderair Pumps incorporate an “anti-icing” muffler technology, first released with the 25mm (2”) pump, and now with the 80mm (3”).  Downtime was reduced by as much as 30-fold in tests using the 1”, when comparing the anti-icing muffler against the previous version. Even with low quality humid air, downtime is significantly reduced.

Verderair has completely reengineered the muffler such that it is less prone to ice buildup, reducing downtime to nearly zero. The new muffler is included as standard with every new 1” and 3” pump. They are constructed of conductive polypropylene, it is smaller and easier to install than its predecessor, and is suitable for use in an ATEX environment.


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