Common Uses for Pneumatic Double Diaphragm Pumps

Pneumatic diaphragm pumps have so many different applications in such a wide range of different industries that it can sometimes be difficult to understand exactly what they do if you are new to the industrial world. How can one type of a pump be so vital for so many different types of companies—from oil companies to paint manufacturers to the makers of printer ink and toner?

The Applications for Pneumatic Diaphragm Pumps

The secret to the double diaphragm pump's far-reaching usefulness is really just the simplicity of its design. Diaphragm pumps are displacement pumps, which means that as one side of the pump fills with fluid, the other discharges its fluids. This process, powered by compressed air, makes it easy to move fluids from point A to point B—can be from one tank to another.

Indeed, fluid transfer is the most common application for double diaphragm pumps. Food processing companies, for instance, might use a pump to take away waste product, while petrochemical companies might use it to distribute different petroleum derivatives to different tanks or containers. A pneumatic diaphragm pump is ideal for both of these circumstances. This type of pump is capable of discharging fluids loaded with food debris or other solids, high viscosity oils or petroleum products and even harsh chemicals or corrosive materials. From clean water to thick lotions all the way to acid, there is virtually no type of fluid that cannot be transferred by a double diaphragm pump.

Moving fluids from one tank or container to another one is the most common application for double diaphragm pumps, but it isn't the only one. Some types of projects, for instance, require diaphragm pumps for draining water from certain worksites. For example, if a construction site was flooded with rainwater right before a building project was about to break ground, or if accumulating water caused similar problems for a mining company, pneumatic diaphragm pump could be used to pump the water away and prepare the worksite.

Not all applications for double diaphragm pumps involve removing fluids from one spot and discharging them elsewhere. On the contrary, some industrial companies might use an AODD pump to mix paint, varnish or laminate.

Learn More about Pneumatic Double Diaphragm Pumps Today

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