Corrosion Resistant Pumps Are the Obvious Choice for Aggressive Materials Handling


When pumping any caustic or aggressive compounds, traditional pumps just aren't enough to do the trick. Metallic components that come into contact with acids run the risk of corroding, which is why corrosion resistant pumps are so important. These pumps generally incorporate wetted parts (things like the impeller that move the liquids around) constructed from cutting-edge plastics and thermoplastics. This keeps them from simply deteriorating when they come into contact with harmful chemicals used by pharmaceutical, metal processing, electroplating industries and more. Chemicals like sulphuric acid, ammonia, nitric acid, hydrofluoric and hydrochloric acid can wreak havoc if exposed to materials that aren't meant to withstand them, which is why good corrosion resistant pumps are designed to not leak.

An excellent pump choice for such applications is the magnetic drive pump. In these kinds of pumps, the wetted parts and the motor are contained in separate areas, connected by a motor bracket. The drive magnet attached to the motor shaft causes the enclosed impeller, which is composed of corrosion resistant material, to spin with it in synchronization. Among the pumps that Global Pumps supplies is the Techniflo Magnetic Drive Pump, which contains no metallic wetted parts, no seals, and is constructed to handle contaminated aggressive compounds. These pumps are perfect for moving acid and other dangerous materials in a safe and easy manner and have the bonus of zero emissions (great for the environment!). If you're in need of corrosion resistant pumps, why not give us a call on 0 8 8275 8000 to learn more about our amazing selection of products.