Chemical Dosing Pumps from Global Pumps: A Safe Method for Acid Dosing in Water Treatment, Cyanide Dosing in Mining and More

    Commercial, industrial and public works projects often require the use of chemicals or substances that are dangerous or even toxic in high quantities or concentrations. For instance, in water treatment, acid dosing is a necessary step to treating water with a high pH level. In mining and ore recovery, meanwhile, cyanide must be used to dissolve and separate gold from ore. Either of these steps can be hazardous if done improperly, which is why chemical dosing pumps are such an important component of these types of operations.

    At Global Pumps Group, we sell a range of Chemical Dosing Pumps. These pumps are built from chemically inert materials, which means they won’t trigger dangerous chemical reactions in the dosing process. They are also the product of 40 years of experience. Our company has been building pump solutions since 1977, and we’ve mastered the chemical dosing pump design—to the point where our pumps can consistently and reliably provide the right chemical doses for a range of applications.

    Acid Dosing Pumps in Water Treatment

    ‘Consistent’ and ‘reliable’ chemical doses are essential in most situations that require chemical dosing. For instance, in water treatment, you might use an acid dosing pump to alter the pH of the water being treated. The actual ‘acid’ used for this process can vary depending on the pH of the untreated water. The goal in water treatment is usually to get the water to a pH of 7. For lower pH levels (8 or 9), water treatment systems can use acetic acid, also known as vinegar. Other weak acids, such as citric acid, can also be applied in these scenarios.

    If the pH of the untreated water is in a higher range, though—usually 11 or higher—weaker acids might not do the trick for water treatment. In such scenarios, it’s more effective to use solutions of hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid. These acids are only used for water treatment in weakened solutions, but can still be extremely hazardous if they end up in the water in extremely high doses. It is the job of acid dosing pumps to ensure that potentially dangerous acid solutions are not injected into the water at hazardous levels.

    Cyanide Dosing Pumps in Gold Mining

    Similarly, cyanide dosing pumps are essential in gold mining to ensure that mining operations don’t use too much of a hazardous chemical to get the job done. In large doses, cyanide is incredibly toxic. It prevents the body from using oxygen and can be fatal to both humans and animals. In mining, it is a key factor in separating gold and silver particles from ore, so that they can be used purely. Only a minuscule concentration of cyanide is necessary for this process—usually less than 500 parts per million. It is the job of the cyanide dosing pump to ensure that cyanide is not overused.

    Do you need an acid or cyanide chemical dosing pump for a commercial or industrial application? Global Pumps can help you find an adequate solution. Call us on 1300 145 622 to learn more.


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