Achieving Pulseless Flow in a Peristaltic Pump


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The Easy Steps To Reduce Pulsation for Peristaltic Hose Pumps

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A Peristaltic Pump is able to pump a wide range of different fluids; it is a positive displacement pump where the fluid is contained within flexible tube or hose, which is housed within a circular shaped casing.  You can watch a video here on how peristaltic hose pumps work

If you are looking to achieve a pulseless flow in a peristaltic pump, you will require a pulsation dampener. Pulsation dampeners will take out up to 90% of the pulse. There are other ways to reduce the pulse without buying a pulsation dampener and these include:

  • Increasing the size of your suction and discharge line
  • Installing expanding joints or rubber bellows
  • Installing flexible pipe work

The above will not completely remove the pulse but it will help reduce it. If pulsation is an issue to your system, we would recommend using a pulsation dampener.

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