Sump Pump Packages

    The Global Pumps Sump Pump Package combines a light weight sump designed for low flow-rate applications with a range of compact automatic sump pumps for use in stormwater drainage and contaminated wastewater applications.

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    Sump Pump Packages:

    • Available in glass reinforced concrete (GRC) or heavy duty polyethylene.
    • GRC available in various 600mm,900mm,1200mm depth
    • Poly available in 600mm depth
    • Light weight – more than 80% lighter than concrete; easily handled by one man
    • Versatile for pipe inverts – holes may be cut, drilled or hammered out where required
    • Easily transportable – cost effective
    • Lid options available, covers and grates
    • Ability to handle grey water to a max of 40ºC
    • Can handle fluids with soft solids up to 50mm
    • Silt baskets available to protect pumps from silt and other foreign material
    • Pumps and controls to suit a vast performance range
    • Pump and pipework pre-plumbed with flexible pipework to discharge point in chamber

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    Global Pumps' sump pumps can also be used as silt traps or collection sumps for large stormwater systems. Browse and buy from our complete range of packaged pumping stations today! We also have a great catalogue of other pumps, including chemical pumps, under sink pumps, grease arrestors, and more.

    Global Pumps Sumps can also be used as silt traps or collection sumps for large stormwater systems. Browse our entire range of packaged pumping stations online today!

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