Centrifugal Pump PROLAC HCP


Food Grade Centrifugal Pump.

This centrifugal pump is tailor-made for food processing and beverage industries, as well as cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.  Its stainless steel materials provide top-notch hygiene required in these fields. 

The impeller, mechanical seal, pump cover, and shaft and lantern are affixed to the motor shaft via mechanical compression.

  • The centrifugal pump is EHEDG certified.
  • Its design is simple and compact, boasting a single mechanical seal.
  • Tailored to meet CIP/SIP while assembled
  • Large internal corners help achieve CIP/SIP

Materials and Parts

  • Cold-formed steel casing
  • Carbon stationery part
  • Silicon Carbide rotary part
  • EPDM gaskets

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  • Easily height adjustable hygienic designed legs
  • Easy impeller adjustment
  • 10 models for different flowrates and pressures requirements
  • options for customization
  • 360-degree adjustable outlet for easy installation


  • Dairy
  • Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • and Cosmetic industries


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