Almatec Pumps

Almatec, a subsidiary of Dover’s Pump Solutions Group, is a brand of air operated double diaphragm (AODD) pumps. Manufactured to German standards in Kamp-Linfort, Almatec’s AODD pumps serve a variety of markets.

They are heavily invested in photovoltaic manufacturing, with their E-series pump especially well-suited for use in the manufacturing of solar cells. Other typical applications within the energy sector include pumping slurry, abrasive byproducts of the wafer cutting process and chemicals involved in the photolithography of the silicon wafers.

Almatec’s pumps, which conform to the ATEX directive, are also found in other processing plants, including the chemical, paint, paper and print industries. Here they are used to pump acids, bases, sludge, varnishes, glues, printing inks, etching agents, emulsions and solvents.

Further core markets for Almatec’s AODD pumps are applications where hygiene is important. Compliance with EHEDG, 3A, FDA, and USP Class VI standards guarantees Almatec’s pumps a share in the biopharmaceuticals industry; pumping live cultures, biotechnological reagents, active pharmaceutical ingredients, cosmetics and other applications requiring pumps to trace materials and CIP/SIP capabilities.

While their pumps are renowned for their safety, reliability and quality, Almatec is also committed to innovation and new concepts, developing intelligent fluid transfer solutions that will become tomorrow’s standards.

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  • Dewatering
  • Transfer
  • Water
  • Oils





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