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Global Water is an Australian provider of world-class pumping systems and water treatment solutions. Global Water has service partners around Australia to ensure superior service and support for our clients. 

See the Global Water website at for more information on how we can assist on your next project.

Global Water offers a high product quality range and expert technical advice for:

  • Concrete pump stations
  • Fibreglass pump stations
  • Polypropylene residential pump stations
  • Grease arrestors
  • Packaged sump pumps and undersink pump stations
  • Sulzer wastewater pumping and treatment equipment
  • Haigh Pipeliner™ for wastewater solids maceration
  • Klorigen™ onsite chlorine generation equipment
  • Filtration and water treatment system utilising Media, IX, MF, UF, NF & RO technologies
  • Containerised and skid-based water treatment equipment

Global Water's extensive range of brands and unique systems are supported by in-house chemical and mechanical engineering teams to ensure the best possible outcomes can be provided for each project.

Our purpose-built facilities allow system manufacture and customisation to be a seamless process, and we can deliver a more cost-effective solution because we don’t outsource to a third party.

Global Water maintain strict quality controls and are 3rd party accredited to QA to ISO9001:2008. For many years Global Water has successfully designed and constructed major projects in Australia.

Our client base can vary from small businesses to large mining companies and municipalities Highly professional, Global Water believe in establishing long-term relationships with our clients.

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Some of the products by Global Water are: GPD300, Envirolift, GPV40-54, JWC Muffin Monster and more.


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