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Dewatering Pumps 101, From Australia's Specialised Supplier


As the name suggests, dewatering pumps are the go-to device for removing large amounts of unwanted water from one place, such as a flooded area in your workplace. Just as any other tool that's been around for a while, the steady march of technological innovation has created many different varieties with different conditions concerning technical specifications, precise methods of use, etc. It's for that reason that Global Pumps, a specialised and trusted dealer of dewatering pumps in Australia, have devised this short guide to help you out with generally identifying and distinguishing between the different varieties.

What Kinds of Dewatering Pumps Are Available?

Broadly speaking, dewatering pumps fit into one of several varieties: Air-Powered, Electric Powered, and Hydraulic. What's the difference between dewatering pumps? The general difference is the manner in which they are powered.

The Right Choice for Dewatering Pumps in Australia

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