Techniflo Lightweight Drum Pumps

Posted on 13 January 2012

The Techniflo drum pumps offered by Global Pumps are portable and lightweight, but powerful range of pumps.

They are highly suitable in the chemical, process, mining and other industries for transferring and decanting low viscosity, neutral and corrosive fluids. The Techniflo drum pumps are handy pumps and used for the applications requiring intermittent operation and spread over longer distances.

The Techniflo drum pumps are perfect companions for quick and safe filling or emptying of drums, barrels, containers and storage vessels. They can be used for instant transfer of fluids in not only various processes in the industries but also in the laboratories. The long and maintenance free life of the Techniflo drum pumps gives great value for money.

Global Pumps offers wide range of Techniflo pump sizes. One can select the pump size as per the process, flow and head (pressure) requirements. There are also specialist engineers to help the companies to select the pump suitable for their application. The wide distribution network of Global Pumps ensures speedy and friendly pre and after sales services.

Here are some important features of Techniflo drum pumps: 

  • Techniflo drum pumps are available in metallic as well as non-metallic versions
  • They offer the flow rates up to 200 L/min
  • They can be electric, pneumatic or hands operated pumps are available

Global Pumps also offers a number of accessories for drum pumps like flow meters, dispensing nozzles, hoses, hose clamps, and others.

Some of the applications where Techniflo drum pumps can be used effectively are: 

  • Filling, emptying or decanting of drums, containers, IBCs, barrels, and storage vessels of various sizes
  • Instant transfer of the fluids from one place to the other
  • Widespread applications requiring intermittent operations
  • Since the drum pumps are handy they can be used for any emergency transfer of fluids at unexpected places
  • Drum pumps can be used for transferring acids, alkalis, oils, diesel, and even the ordinary fluids like water

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