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AODD pumps for mining and chemical applications

Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps (AODD) are portable pumps commonly used in the mining and chemical industries due to their efficiency and capability to transfer highly viscous, volatile and dangerous fluids. The pump is driven by compressed air and uses reciprocating functions such as the valve seats and valve balls to pump the fluid. The design allows for self priming, large suction lift, and the ability to run dry without any damage to the pump. Global Pumps offers the Verderair brand of AODD pumps.

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(0:01) Global Pumps offers in stocks a complete range of air operated diaphragm pumps

(0:04) in different materials for pumping and transferring liquids and chemicals hi

(0:07) I'm Tim Webster and welcome now the air operated double diaphragm pump or AODD pump

(0:13) is driven by compressed air rather than electricity and is the most

(0:16) commonly used portable pump particularly in mining and chemical applications

(0:21) the working principle revolves around a combination of reciprocating actions by

(0:25) different components such as the diaphragm valve seats and valve balls

(0:29) working together to pump the liquid the design gives AODD pumps a number of

(0:34) unique advantages such as self priming capabilities up to seven metres suction

(0:39) lift and the ability to run dry without any damage they are also capable of

(0:43) handling highly viscous highly volatile and dangerous liquids Global Pumps

(0:47) offers the verdure air brand of air operated diaphragm pumps in port sizes

(0:52) from quarter inch to three inches delivering maximum flow rates from 19 to

(0:56) 2,000 liters per minute and you'll find full details of the range at

(1:01) where you can also download the company's ultimate air

(1:06) operated diaphragm pump cheat sheet and that explains the technology in full

(1:10) I'm Tim Webster thanks for watching