Superior Surface Protection

Struggling with erosion, corrosion, cavitation or premature wear on your materials handling, processing, and pumping equipment? MetaLine surface protection is the fix with hardness ranges from 60 to 98 Shore A.


MetaLine surface protection film protects, preserves and repairs even the most severely impacted components - steel, alloys, aluminium, rubber, and even concrete, and its suitable for potable water.


Try Metaline to maximise production uptime and reliability, reduce repair or replacement costs and even realise potential energy savings with the most lightweight sprayable elastomeric wear protection available.

Exploring Common Surface Protection Challenges, recognise any of these?

  • Complex shapes that don't let you obtain a seamless or machinable surface protection finish?
  • High level of component cavitation or erosion?
  • Production downtime losses from continually replacing surface protection systems?
  • Unable to quickly identify surface wear by visual colour indicator?
  • Require a non-toxic, drug and food-safe coating?
  • Heavy surface coatings reducing efficiency and contributing to energy consumption?
MetaLine surface protection

Premium Surface Protection with MetaLine


Metaline elastomeric coatings have up to 25% more erosion resistance than duplex steel (AISI 316).


Features include:

  • up to 50 x more wear than leading epoxy-ceramic brands
  • 550% more resistant than grey cast iron
  • 25% more wear resistant than duplex steel (AISI 316)
  • 1500% more responsive than 2 part polyurea
  • anti-slip, high wear and low coefficient options
  • spray-on and repairable



MetaLine 680 


The MetaLine 680, a standout in our MetaLine 700 series, introduces a novel approach to surface protection. Its elastomeric coating restores surfaces by filling gaps, seams, voids, and imperfections with a trowel application method, diverging from traditional spray application.

metaline 760 785 795 products coating surface protection australia

MetaLine series 700


MetaLine Series 700 offers unparalleled wear and cavitation resistance in a lightweight package. With rapid application and curing times, downtime is minimised. Its strong adhesion to various substrates and resilience against harsh chemicals ensure equipment durability.


MetaLine series XL


MetaLine Series XL is a powerful line of three advanced synthetic, ceramic coating repair products specifically designed to tackle a wide range of maintenance challenges in metallic structures. Whether you're facing leaks, breaks, erosion, corrosion, cavitation, or wear, MetaLine Series XL has the answer.

metaline applicator
"MetaLine will continue to be a valuable tool for diverse applications"
Our experience with MetaLine has been consistently positive. Customers across industries seek durable coatings for corrosion and wear, and MetaLine delivers. The recent sea chest project in the marine sector is a prime example: fast application, strong adhesion, and impressive resistance. We're confident MetaLine will continue to be a valuable tool for diverse applications.

What makes MetaLine a must-have product?



  • Lightest wear coating available on the market - increasing efficiency and reducing energy losses.
  • It's sprayable and repairable. Apply easily on-site without compromising speed or quality.
  • Extremely durable - multiple surface hardness finishes to suit your needs.
  • 50 times higher erosion and cavitation resistance compared to other products.
  • Non-stick properties to eliminate material hang-up and reduce cleaning costs.
  • Layering of contrasting colours easily provides visual wear indicators


Metaline before and after

MetaLine Provides New Protective Coatings for Local Winery

The tanks in use had spray ball lids that were not UV stable and therefore degraded very quickly. They were badly pitted, had started splitting and needed to be stripped. The winery only got a measly 2 years out of their original coatings and were looking for a quick and reliable solution. 

Submersible-pump-impeller-lasting-10-times-longer with MetaLine

MetaLine Makes Pumps Last Longer at Uranium Facility


Centrifugal pumps are critical in various industrial applications that require the transfer of liquids, but exposure to abrasive and corrosive media can lead to wear and tear of the pump's components, resulting in reduced efficiency and even failure. That's where MetaLine, a high-performance coating product, comes into play.

IND_ROLLERS_globa pumps 2

MetaLine coating of conveyor rollers


Thirty conveyor rollers received a makeover with MetaLine 795 thanks to a collaboration between Global Pumps and IND. This innovative coating not only dramatically extended the rollers' lifespan and delivered key operational advantages, but also incorporated two distinct colours for a visual wear indicator, simplifying maintenance for teams.

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Meet Jim, a seasoned professional with over two decades of expertise in industrial equipment and services. Specialising in engineered solutions, Jim is dedicated to helping customers find the right surface protection for every application.

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