Oil Water Separators

    Oil Plate Separator

    Grease and oils entering the sewer network are a burden to the sewer cleansing process, less hydrocarbon matter means cheaper waste disposal costs. High volumes of hydrocarbon and oil laden fluids require a pre-sewer treatment by Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) and SA Water guidelines. The Global Pumps Oil Muncher™ is a versatile and efficient solution for your trade waste needs.

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    The Oil Muncher™ utilises gravity separation via a vertical separation device which enhances the separation of two or three immiscible elements.

    The standard Grease Muncher™ is made of a robust polyethylene structure and mounted on a galvanized frame for easy site installation.

    Standard Oil Muncher™ configurations:

    • 1000, 1500, 2000 and 3000 L/hr. systems
    • Complete with Diaphragm Pump, float switch and waste oil drum

    Oil Muncher™Options:

    • 304SS or 316SS construction.
    • Flow rates greater than 3m3/hr.
    • Vertical pipe of vertical plate technology
    • Diaphragm or helical rotor pump operation
    • Remote alarm panel for maintenance control
    • Pump controller and alarm panel
    • Buffer and holding tanks for oil waste transfer and pre-treatment storage
    • EX-Rated systems for hazardous or low ventilated areas





    Why do I need Oil Water Separators?

    Oil Water Separators are necessary because they make the waste water pure to reduce the quantity of impurities that enter into the sewer and stormwater. In addition, the separator is necessary for differentiating between two or more immiscible liquid components.

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