When to use a grout pump and mixer

If you are in the construction industry, a grout pump and mixer is one of the most important machines to own. This is because grout machines offer solutions to construction related problems. There is the manually powered grout pump and mixer, and the air powered grout pump and mixer. These two mixers are used according to the type of construction task involved. It’s always very important to correctly choose the type of grout pump you require according to the kind of job required. Primarily, grout mixers are used in tunnel repairs, filling cracks, leveling concrete and ground remediation.

A standard grout mixer has a variety of specifications that allow it to effectively mix a variety of pre-blended mortar. Some of the specifics include stucco that is along the grout. This helps in mixing plaster in a fast and effective way. The machine is capable of mixing approximately 2.25 Cu.Ft batches. It’s able to do this in any consistency. Standard machines often have a capacity of 4.5 Cu.Ft with a 2.25 Cu.Ft batch output. The machines use approximately 115V at 20 Amps of electricity. They come with a motor gearbox that has about 32 RPM. It has a standard dimension of 45’H X 32’L X 29W. The height of the grout mixer can be adjusted to suite the users needs. There are some counter rotating blades present in the machine. The drive frequency varies. The drive is able to use 220V at 20 Amps of electricity. The machine has a 3 cubic foot pan style.

You should get the best machine for the job. You can do this by researching and getting a list of companies that are fully dedicated to manufacturing grout pump and mixers. You can either go to a recognized shop or purchase the machine online. This is a very good option since you will have a variety of choices. You will also be exposed to information that will definitely enlighten you on the best model to purchase. You can compare models and consult widely on the best machine that will be fit for the job. Make sure that you also talk to experts before you purchase a machine.