When to use a grout pump and mixer

Grout mixers can be able to mix sand, stone and cement in a particular ratio. It’s well designed to firmly press this mixture into any grounds or structure that needs repair or construction. It’s able to do this using a pump that is attached to the mixer. The process mentioned is what is referred to as grouting. This process is used when leveling out concrete slabs, sure-up hollow door frames, raising up sunken floors and water proofing jobs.

The grouting mixture should always be of very high quality. This is because poorly mixed grout mixtures often result to weak structures that don’t last long. This is very hazardous because the construction can collapse due to instability and hurt someone in the process. So before you start repairing the structure, make sure that you are using a very high quality grouting mixture. You can use a grout mixer and pump whenever you need to save yourself some time and money. This is because grout mixer and pump can complete the job quickly and efficiently. The machines are quite expensive but once you use them, you will eventually notice the amount you will have saved as compared to manually mixing sand, cement and stones. The capacity of grout mixers vary. However, a standard mixer is able to mix a variety of pre-blended mortar.

It’s advisable to talk to an expert or professional before using a grout pump and mixer. This is because you will be well advised on the ratio and substance of the mixture required for a particular task. Whenever you see a small crack or sunken floor, contact a professional to immediately repair it. This is because if you repair early, you will spend less and you will have prevented the situation from getting worse. You should also get a warranty for you machine so as to safeguard your interests.

You can purchase a grout mixer and pump from us. You can also search for online stores that can be able to deliver the machines to your premises. It's advisable to Research widely on the various machine prices and models available. This will help you to get the best product for the job.