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Techniflo Drum Pumps

Overview video on the Techniflo drum pumps for decanting from IBCs, barrels and drums from Global Pumps.


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(0:08) Transfer liquids SAFELY with Techniflo!

(0:15) Save time and money with a Techniflo Drum Pump!

(0:21) Techniflo Drum Pumps are portable, lightweight and powerful.

(0:24) Suitable in the chemical, manufacturing, mining and other industries for transferring and decanting low viscosity liquids, including corrosive chemicals.

(0:32) The long and main maintenance free life of the Techniflo Drum Pump gives you great value for your money.


  • Available in metallic as well as non-metallic versions
  • Flow rates up to 200 L/m
  • Electric, pneumatic or hand operated
  • Extensive range of accessories, including flow meters, dispensing nozzles, hoses, hose clamps and others
  • Used for transferring acids, alkalis, oils, diesel and even ordinary fluids like water

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