Mechanical Seals and Cartridge Seals

 Mechanical Seal


Sealtek Mechanical Seals

  • World first non-metallic mechanical seals with diamond seal faces
  • Design innovation with mechanical seal incorporated into the stuffing box for B and C Frame slurry pumps
  • Revolutionary patented diamond seal face design
  • Ease of installation
  • No gland water or seal flushing required
  • Diamond – Hardest material in the world with highest resistance to scoring
  • Very high thermal conductivity (4 times higher than copper) – resistance to dry running
  • Much lower coefficient of friction than Silicon carbide – least amount of heat generation
  • Latest designs ensure circulation of solids away from the mating faces

These mechanical seals have the ability to withstand any aggressive and/or dirty fluids and are the best choice for replacing seals that fail early.

A range of sizes that fit almost every pump and mixer are available.

Style 600 Mechanical Seal.jpg SealTek Style 855.jpg SealTek Style 410.jpg

The Style 600 mechanical seals are able to handle the most critical applications and processes.

It is the first mechanical seal which incorporates a conical stuffing box design, allowing this seal to be used with great success on slurries and dirty fluids.

The sleeveless design allows for greater radial run-out of the shaft.

With no seal parts inside the stuffing box, slurry and dirt cannot clog the seal therefore increasing seal life.

The Style 855 cartridge design mechanical seal is based on a time-tested, proven cone spring design and is renowned for being applied to pumps that operate with duties of extreme slurries and paper stock.

The seal has no dynamic elastomers or exposed springs that could be prone to clogging and hang-up.

The 855 mechanical seal is available in a number of different configurations with numerous options for face combinations and cone spring elastomer materials.

The Style 410 seal can be used in applications with highly corrosive chemicals such as active organic compounds, strong oxidizing and reducing agents, concentrated acids and salts.

The seal is suitable for external mounting in pumps and agitator vessels.

The parts in contact with the fluid are all made of chemically inert materials, all metal components are located externally and cannot come in contact with the process liquid.

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Diamond mechanical seal faces

  • Hardness – hardest material
    • 10,000 HV
  • Thermal conductivity
    • 2,000 W/Km (RT)
    • 4 x higher than copper
  • Chemical resistance
    • Resistant in almost all acids and bases
  • Tribology
    • Low coefficient of friction
    • Very low wear






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