Polyethylene Pumping Stations

    Rising construction costs has seen pre-assembled pump stations become a highly popular option for building services and contractors.

    Lightweight and robust, the Global Pumps DrainAce™ range of Polyethylene stations is the answer to your domestic, commercial or industrial needs. Used extensively in waste water and stormwater applications the DrainAce™ range is designed to be an installer-friendly pump station. The DrainAce™ range is constructed using a high grade polymer and is an Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) approved design. Polyethylene has a strong resistance to corrosive fluids, acids and high or low pH elements making the DrainAce™ range the ultimate in sewer and trade waste applications.

    Used in conjunction with heavy duty Global Pumps submersible pumps and a Global Pumps controller; this packaged pumping station is your one-stop-solution for any application.

    Available in single or dual pump configuration and single or three phase options, Global Pumps has the solution for you.

    The standard DrainAce™ range varies in volume from 650 to 6000 litres and is extendable with the use of Global Pumps Storage Tanks to meet site requirements.


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    The Global Pumps DrainAce™ range is also used in the following applications:

    • Neutralization and pH control tanks
    • Buffer and tankering manholes
    • Holding and settling pits
    • Stormwater detention chambers
    • Dump tanks from waste water treatment systems





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