Fybroc Pumps

Manufactured as part of the MET-PRO global pump solutions, the Fybroc brand focuses on non-metallic pumps. The first company to develop a fibreglass reinforced pump in 1966, today their pumps are composed of innovative new composites.

Fybroc pumps are manufactured using a variety of resins to solve corrosion problems in a range of applications. Offering a complete range of vinyl ester/epoxy resins, our range includes pumps resistant to hydrofluoric acid, bleaches such as sodium hypochlorite and solutions that are able to handle moderate to heavy abrasives.

We have special resins that meet FDA specifications and epoxy resins that resist certain acid and solvent conditions. Processed into both horizontal and vertical centrifugal pumps, Fybroc has a pump to fit your needs - talk to Global Pumps about purchasing the right one today!

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