Batescrew Pumps

Manufacturing pumps since 1951, Batescrew supplies a versatile range that includes:

  • Axial flow pumps
  • Turbine pumps
  • Effluent pumps
  • Portable pumps
  • Petrol pumps
  • And pre-assembled pump stations

Batescrew pumps can be found in every state within Australia and many countries in Southeast Asia. Batescrew’s turbine pumps can be used either vertically or in angled applications in bores, sumps, rivers or dams. They supply sludge pumps to wineries, dairies, piggeries, abattoirs and small towns for sewage treatment.

Batescrew’s variety of drives, lubrications, and material options can be combined to provide for every type of application. Their pump records are the most comprehensive in Australia, combined with an extensive stock of replacement parts. Overall, they are uniquely positioned with the promise to be able to re-manufacture any pump to an “as-new” performance.

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