Defining Grout Pumps and Mixers

Grout pumps and mixers are used in constructions. They are often used to support vessels and tanks, fill concrete blocks, level concrete slabs, raise sunken or faulty concrete, sure up hollow door frames, fireproofing, repair and seal concrete holes, level concrete slabs, install anchors and dowels, ground base plates and fill cracks. They are also used by some of the big construction companies to build or repair structures like bridges, underground parking lots and tunnels.

During construction, the type of job that is to be done is what determines the type of grout pump to be used. There are two types of grout pumps namely air powered grout pumps and manual grout pumps. The project manager of the construction should be able to determine whether or not they need a mixer attached to the grout pump. They can do this by classifying the type of job they are doing and concluding the type of pump that is to be used.

Simple tasks such as filling cracks or leveling small sidewalk slabs could be done using a manual pump. The air powered pump is only necessary if the job to be done is complex in nature. To save you a lot of time, its best to mix a grout pump attached to a mixer whenever you are doing complex jobs.

Grout pumps and mixers are very good tools that can also be used in land remediation. Land remediation, also known as ground remediation is the process of reducing contamination by injecting compounds that are environmentally friendly into contaminated grounds. This helps to remove pollutants and prevent them from migrating to other areas. This process is very eco-friendly and is seen to protect the health of humans and animals. This process is often required whenever there is a discovery that the contaminants present in an area exceed normal levels.

There are several types of ground remediation. They are excavation, containments, removal, incineration and treatment. Containment is when the materials are isolated so that they don’t get into contact with contaminants. To excavate is to dig up while incinerating is completely destroying. Removal can be done by washing the soil and treatment is changing the materials into less harmful substances.

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