5 November 2019

Whether it’s a faulty pump component or poor maintenance strategies, pump failure can occur for several reasons.

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14 October 2019

Is your pump showing signs of wear and tear? Or are you spending thousands on maintenance to ensure it keeps running?

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26 April 2016


To select the pump which will best suit your purposes, you need to know your pressure requirements: How much pressure do you need to generate in order to transfer a volume of fluid from point A to point B?

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20 April 2016


Knowing how your pump sounds when it's running healthy can save you a lot of money in the future. Every pump will make a “healthy” free flowing sound as a medium is passed through it unimpeded.

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26 February 2016

If you've bought a reliable pump and it has been correctly installed, you shouldn't have any issues for many years. But it's important to remember industrial and mining pumps

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16 February 2016

Have you serviced your pump recently?

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