Air operated diaphragm pumps are tremendously flexible and easy to install. However, like any pump, they do have their technical limits when handling air or liquid pressure, which are defined precisely by the manufacturer for your model. But what sort of air pressure range do diaphragm pumps typically use?

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Did you know that the anticipated temperature of the medium being pumped and the environment the pump will be in, are two critical components in the pump selection process? Understanding these will ensure you select appropriate materials of construction and most importantly, the correct pump.

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Guide To Selecting the Best Pump

If you need some guidance on how to select the right pump then you’re not alone! There’s such a wide range of pumps in Australia, from centrifugal pumps to hose pumps to diaphragm pumps. The options available to you can make it a difficult choice, so we’ve created this special guide to help step you through the process of selecting the ideal pump for your requirements.


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