Announcing Global Reliability – Advanced Condition Monitoring Solutions

Global Group is proud to announce the launch of our new business division, Global Reliability.

2 years ago we identified that our industrial and mining customers needed a cost effective wireless condition monitoring solution capable of accurately assessing the health of reciprocating and rotating equipment and allowing engineers to more efficiently manage their site maintenance requirements.

Global Reliability has partnered with I-care Belgium to offer the world’s most advanced IoT wireless condition monitoring system designed for remote monitoring of equipment in confined difficult to reach spaces or hazardous areas with cloud-based intrinsically safe predictive maintenance technology.


Importantly, integration into existing systems is simple with the open cloud-based platform. Data can be securely shared to other API RESTful systems such as SAP, Pi, Maximo and many more.

24/7 helpdesk access is provided, with training and technical support from a worldwide network of experienced Reliability Engineers.


The Wi-care™ system is highly flexible and scalable, with a customisable range of accelerometers up to 500mV/g, unlimited wireless range with powered WiFi extenders, and single axis or triaxial IECEx and ATEX intrinsically safe sensors. Wi-care™ is suited to almost any demanding environment including remote and isolated mine sites.

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